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The idea for the carpet FJÄLL came during a joint exhibition. Furniture producer Klong exhibited Ania Pausers lamp KNOPP next Katehas hand-woven rugs. The shadows  from the KNOPP lamp spread on the gallery walls and ceiling and put the whole thing in motion, and laid the foundation for the carpet pattern.

- I've always been tempted to make rugs. A carpet is an incredibly good medium to apply the pattern on.

It has a lot of space to work with, as a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities.

With FJÄLL carpet, I wanted to capture the shadows that the laser cut lamp KNOPP create. It is a graphical simple pattern and to give the carpet an extra dimension I added small tufted dots in the woven surface.

They give the carpet more life and adds a tactile feel when you walk on it.


The carpet FJÄLL is hand-woven in wool with tufted dots.
FJÄLL carpet are available in sizes 170 x 240 cm  and 80x250 cm.

For more information, retailers and high resolution pictures visit

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