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Design Ania Pauser & Hannu Hietamäki
KLONG 2016

Gryning vitrine is a part of KLONG Intermestic 15 year anniversary collection.


The cabinet has influences from the 16th century art of marquetry and the technique of “shading” using hot sand to achieve a burnt impression on the veneer.
The burnt shaded impression, combined with the 3 – dimensional woodwork, creates the illusion of added depth to the cabinet’s patterned surface and plays tricks on your eyes. The hidden flap will open up into a small countertop and can be used as an extra surface, offering an additional feature to the cabinet. The cabinet is made of birch and glass and has a limited edition of 10 copies.
Materials: Brass, Birchwood, Glass

Measurements: H 166,5cm W 72cm D 36,5cm
Price: 65.000 SEK

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