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GLIMMER bureau is made of Cembrit with three large drawers made of birch. The brass knobs decorate

the drawers like jewelry. The legs are made of steel with brass feet. The dimensions are 90 x 43 x 112  cm.

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GLIMMER bureau is a part of  DUSK Collection - Produced by Klong Intermestic

With its unique light and color, caused by the calcareous landscape, Gotland has become a source of inspiration for the “Dusk Collection”. During the autumn of 2013, a group of designers were invited to individually interpret the landscape - drawing inspiration from this rocky coastline.

The designers are Ania Pauser, Broberg & Ridderstråle and Stina Lindholm. Common for all the objects is the material - Cembrit. Cembrit is produced from cellulose and cement and is mainly used on facades. With its gray and “rocky” surface it is similar to limestone but can be used in many different ways.

KLONG 2014
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