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Karamellens preschool in Katrineholm

Public art commission for Katrineholm Municipality

2019 -2020

The sculpture POM o PLUM consists of two figures sitting opposite each other,
in a circle of gravel. The soft, round the fantasy animals have a strong presence and are
easy to relate to and give human emotions. 
The idea of ​​the creatures is to bring life to the imagination of the children playing on the yard, staff and also passers-by outside the fence. I wanted to create a place on the preschool where you can go, alone or together and socialize with the art, pat the creatures, talk to them, get comfort, feel a sense of belonging.
The creatures can be a starting point for learning conversations, about friendship, acceptance, identity, worth, compassion and much else. The goal of all my creatures is that they should evoke emotions and be retentive to all, regardless of gender, age and background.
Dimensions: Sitting sculpture about 55cm high.
Horizontal sculpture about 55 cm long.
Gravel circle 200 cm in diameter.

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