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Master Degree Project, HDK 2018

Sculptures from my Master Degree project in Fine Arts in Crafts at HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg. With this project I wanted to invite the public to an unexpected encounter with creatures from another world. At first sight these beings are very different from us, but with their human features, such as eyes, hands and feet, they become easy to connect with. I think of these creatures as a hidden population, which secretly exists in a parallel universe. What happens when you unite these two universes, theirs, and ours, when they merge into one another?

With these stoneware sculptures I want to create moments of friendship between different beings, awaken curiosity, wonder and spread a hint of magic in everyday life.

The creatures are placed so that a space amongst them is left empty, so that you can sit down and thus become part of the scene. To the viewer I want to convey a sense of love, solidarity, compassion, and silent friendship.

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