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Vågens nursing home, Skiftinge

Public art commission for Eskilstuna Municipality


My starting point for the artwork "The Friend by the well" was Skiftinge's closeness to nature.

I let myself be inspired by the nearby nature reserve and Mälaren which moves through the landscape and in the summer is full of blooming water lilies. I wanted to take in the local nature and make it a part of the artwork. I thus let the landscape flower, the white water lily, become the link to the place.

The first creature we meet is found on a wooden deck near the residence's patio.

The sculpture sits on a stone podium with a submerged well, where a number of water lilies float on the surface. The white water lily is a mythical flower with medicinal properties.

Through the creature, the well and the water lilies I wanted to bring in some of the magic from the folk tales into the care home. Give the residents the opportunity to talk about their own stories from the surroundings. The place by the well can be a place of stillness, which evokes memories and conversation, where one can turn to for a moment of contemplation.

We continue our walk through the outdoor environment at the care home to the wooden deck a little further away. Here we meet a creature, a friend sprung from a magical world.

It sits on a solid oak bench and its hand is outstretched, as in a greeting, an aspiration to contact. When you sit down on the bench next to the creature, you can let it touch your arm or put your hand against its hand in a friendly gesture, a welcome touch. The idea was to create a peaceful place where you can socialize with the art piece.

Both sculptures can be experienced from all sides, both outside and inside the caring home.

You can move around them, and the sculptures are placed at a height suitable for touch.

Dimensions: The well - Stone podium 130 x 80 x 60 cm.
Bronze sculpture: height 52 cm, length 66 cm
The Friend - Bench 140 x 40 x 50 cm
Bronze sculpture:  72 cm from the toes to the head.

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